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I know these ideas have been mentioned before like Aaron being Jacob and also about Jacob and MiB being one in the same..well how about both? Ive been thinking of this since the boy in the jungle came to Flocke and said "you know the rules" and when Flocke mentioned his crazy mother to Kate.

What if Jacob and MiB are the same person and that person is Aaron, which could mean that the little boy in the jungle was the young Aaron. I'm thinking then Jacob's form is the actual Aaron body that MiB is claiming the devil took from him referring to his other half "Jacob" whom he considers the evil one. And this could tie in with MiB claiming that his mother was also crazy, actually referring to Claire and might be why he's kept her around for 3 years and taking care of her and not killing her and also telling her that he needed her even if she wasn't a candidate..maybe he still loves his mom?

I'm not sure how to explain how we've seen both Jacob and MiB in the 1800s but if its true that they are Aaron, the only baby born on the island as far as we know, it could make him very special to the island and time travel might not be so difficult. Lastly I want to add that maybe the split happened because Aaron got infected like Claire, Sayid, Rousseau's team etc, he somehow managed to separate the evil in him and "kick" it out of his body leaving just his new ego "Jacob" and the other half of him, "the evil" came out of him as black smoke. Thereafter the black smoke finds another body the MiB body and does whatever he wants on the island as the other half of Aaron, Jacob, stays on the island to make sure his evil half never leaves. Obviously this is a lot of guessing and I haven't worked out how Aaron, who is off the island, even comes back but yeah maybe you guys have some good ideas?

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