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Desmond connects the realities by Johnzo

If you believe that both realities are real and happened, and you believe they didn't happen simultaneously, then that means one happened before the other or vice versa. I'm not sure which reality happened first, but if all of a sudden our current Island losties remembered their ALTs but didn't experience them yet, I guess it doesn't matter what actually happened first.

So, I posit that the ALT and the Original timeline both existed, and here's how:

Time on the island has fluctuated with the real world throughout the history of the show. Sometimes its ahead (freighter doctor washes up), sometimes its behind (Faraday's rocket test). Either way, there is always a gap between the worlds. At the time of the original crash, I believe the gap in time between the real world and the island world is our ALT reality. And this means our ALT reality is only going to last until our timezones sync back up, and when then do, the ALT will cease to exist, but the memories of the ALT will be present in our Island losties.

How long this takes or what event occurs to cause this memory shift is anybody's guess. Does simply meeting Desmond and having your memory jogged cause this? I think not. Does it take meeting your constant? I'm not so sure everyone has there own individual constant. I would posit that our losties' constant will only be Desmond since he was the only person semi-permanently anchored in the island timeline. My theory is once the ALT losties meet Desmond and their minds start to jog and shift back and forth between the two realities, our island losties may start experiencing side effects, and the only way for their minds to stay together is to find Desmond in the island timeline. Similarly, Desmond had to find his constant in the real world timeline, and out losties may be forced to find their constant (Desmond) in the island timeline to stay alive.

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