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How to snare an evil spirit by ProgLOSTicator

Okay so we have learned that Flocke can't just simply turn to smoke and float over the water. He told us so. But why? Let me explain.

First I would like to say that although I've had this idea since about season 3, I didn't recall it until recently after reading another post about why we never see Smokey on the beach. Not sure who the theorist was but they posited that the Smoke form can't touch water. This also effectively explains why Smokey is trapped. In reading that theory the author couldn't explain why if the Smoke was allergic to water, why we see it near the creek and when it rains. That is the clue.

SO as many of you may already know where I'm going with this here it is. Smokey can't take to the beach or cross the water in smoke form BECAUSE OF THE SALT!!! Not the water itself. That's why we see him in the rain and around fresh water sources but not on the beach.

Think about it. People from all cultures have used various methods to protect themselves from evil. Long ago some cultures used to surround their beds with salt as a means to keep evil spirits at bey. Seriously look it up!!

So if you really wanted to trap an evil spirit, what better way to do it than to plop him down into the biggest pile of salt on earth, the ocean. The island is the cork in the bottle. The salt is the glass bottle itself.

Okay I know I've lost it this time so sock it to me!!!

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