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The Smoke Monster by kastrato

My theory is that Smokie acts also as a personal path - cleaner mechanism.

Allow me to explain it .

"Just let me go Jacob means : Stop bringing new people on the island ,let me clear it and leave.Because only then the smokie monster will stop follow
Jonh Locke and it will set him free .
Yes i think that the Smoke Monster is like a good dog to its master(s).Aka the scene
of Christian sending Vincent to wake up his son.And YES John Locke is ALIVE.
Smokey not only followes Jonh Locke,Smokey also "pre-math" his steps . Its the reason Jonh waits or speeds up his actions .He does it
because Smokie watch his steps as a future observer,and informs him what will come next . Guess what though,Smokie can observe only 108 minutes of
Jonh Locke's future and watch his back.This means that Jonh has a head's up of a 108 minutes of knowing what's gonna happen next .
This gives John's great advantages and also protection because he can trick people aka Bram's team and Sayid.
Jonh Locke's pre-watch is the reason he says "it always ends the same" .Its because his future visions always ends the same,
always ends as he has pre-seen.No mater what choice he tries to gives to these people they do it again.
Jacob died exactly the same way,believing that Ben can change his mind the very last second,he didnt though.

Lets remember the scene when MIB says to Alpert "I saw him taking your wife but i couldnt do anything to stop him" " i am the Smoke Monster".
obviously he lies ,but for a good reason.
Here is what i believe.
Issabela is a whisper lost-soul .SHE is infront of Alpert and not Smokey or MIb.She can do that because Alpert still loves her and can see things.
clear as a tabula-rasa on the island.Alpert is a "Hurley " there,but not for long (he finaly beries the cross and with that he cuts the conection) .
Smokie arrives as a whisper-hunter and stops that interaction between the dead and the alive.
He sents Issabela's ghost away from Alpert .When MIb say's he took her he lies but not entirly .Smokey took her ,because Smokey does not allowes
the whisper-ghosts to interact with the alive people on the island.
MIb couldnt do anything to stop him and its true he isnt the Smoke Monster cant control it .He only can trick it.
As he tricked it with Sayid's attempt to kill him.Because if he didnt then Smokie would had protect John and would had killed Sayid for good as it did at
Bram's attact.John gives Sayid a chance there and knowing that Sayid will attact him he does somekind of trick and avoid the deep knife cut.

Thanks for reading my theory ,bring some more ideas on the table.

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