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Is anyone else slightly puzzled as to why Jack is so untrusting of Flocke? I was thinking about that myself and while you can simply answer "It's because he was so set on that it was their destiny to go back and Flocke wants to leave, so naturally, he is against him." But I think that it goes deeper. I think Jack has known since his conversation with MIB that he was untrustworthy and a liar.

Remember during Jack's conversation with MIB about him being Christian Shepard? We know that Jack was iffy on whether Flocke deserved his trust. So he said that he chased his dead father into the woods to water on the THIRD day. And Flocke says that yes that was him. And that he was looking out for them and wanted them to live. If I'm not mistaken, it was the SIXTH day that Jack chased his father into the woods and found the water. Am I right on that? I believe that Jack was testing MIB to see how truthful he was. And MIB failed the test. So now since MIB wants them to leave the island and it's in their best interests, Jack doesn't trust him. That's why he stayed.

I also believed even before The Last Recruit that MIB wasn't Christian. These are my reasons

1.MIB said that he couldn't fly over water. And yet Christian was on the freighter with Michael. Many people said this was just an error like Alvar Hanso still being the same age as he had been 30 years earlier, but I don't think so as you'll see below.
2.The writers must have planned that MIB couldn't leave the island, and the freighter was outside of the island's area. So MIB wouldn't have been able to get there, even if he could fly over water.
3.Christian's body wasn't in the casket. Locke's body still was. I don't think he would go to the trouble of doing away with the body.

I believe that Christian was Flocke at some times like in the cabin with Claire, but I think the one that lead Jack to the water was the actual body that was possessed. I believe that the possessor of Christian's body was that mysterious kid we keep seeing. I believe that he is a third entity that makes the rules but can't interfere. He is like the dealer in poker. He is above MIB and Jacob but can't interfere in their "bet" on how it all ends. He is an observer. To him, it is like watching a game. And we all know how over the years LOST has put emphasis on games.
Back to the evidence. Since without water, all of the Oceanic survivors would die of thirst, the kid had to control Christian's body and lead Jack to water. If they had all died of thirst, neither MIB or Jacob would win that "round" of the bet. Therefore, the kid needed to make sure that the Oceanic survivors didn't die of thirst. Because keeping them alive in this way isn't interfering with the bet. Or, perhaps it is a "good" entity and can do whatever it wants as long as it doesn't interfere with the MIB/Jacob dispute and decided to give the Oceanic survivors water.

So I'm going to wrap this all up now. I believe that Flocke is lying to Jack about bringing him to the water to try and get him to trust him. But Jack was and is now conning Flocke because he knows he can't trust him and Jack knows that they (the canidates) need to stay on the island. And the kid was Christian Shepard when he brought Jack to the water and is his own third entity that makes rules, and is watching Jacob and MIB duel it out like a game.
Thanks for reading this theory

-Supernerd =D

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