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FLOCK is LOCKE by Randy JuJu

Very quick theory...

Flocke is Locke. The Smoke Monster / MIB is a separate entity. When Locke died, MIB / Smokey claimed him, much in the same way as Sayid or Claire have been claimed. The idea of being "claimed", I think it's more of a declaration of affiliation. Sayid joined MIB so that he could be reunited with Nadia / Shannon. Claire joined MIB so she could be reunited with Aaron. The bargains here have been apparent and have been central to the first 2/3rds of the 6th Season.

Which brings us to Locke. Locke died. Dead is dead. His body was brought back to the island and, somewhere along the line, Smokey summoned Locke (post mortem) and CLAIMED John Locke. And what was the bargain. What did John Locke want. What John Locke has always wanted. KNOWLEDGE. MIB / SMOKEY gave Locke the knowledge of the history of MIB and the Island.

Quick idea / Theory.

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