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It's all about love, love, love by LBR1970

The show is all about true love. The characters on the show can't experience true love for one reason or another. But once they realize what true love is and how it should be the most important thing in their lives then they will be "saved" from this spiraling universe. Finding true love is not easy, but remember "everyone has a choice", do you take a chance at love or let the distractions of life (stress, alcohol, crime, etc.) get in the way.

Unlike other theories I don't believe that Jack will be the next Jacob, but Hurley will be. Jack needs to realize his true love for Kate. Hurley on the other hand has love for mankind not one particular person. Hurley is the only one that can hear Jacob, because he is the closest to being enlightened. He will be a good person to fight the distractions of life and help people find their loves. Remember he was the first to use the numbers which we later found out relate to specific characters that I believe he will match up.

Mr & Mrs Whitmore, MIB, the others, etc... are the distractions that are trying to separate people from their true loves. As much as they work to separate people Desmond, Daniel, Jack, Sawyer, Jin, etc. they will all finally connect to their loves and live happily ever after.

Too simple? maybe, or maybe it's all just black and white, make your choice....

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