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A Better Life For All.. by eldavorstorm

It was nice seeing Daniel again. I was surprised he wasn't a quantum physicist however because assuming by Eloise's actions towards Desmond in this episode she still knows what's going on in the alt universe as much as she does in the universe we have seen her in before, so up until Daniel first spoke I assumed he would be the same too.


What Daniel said struck me as odd. The Daniel we have seen last season knew that by dying all this alternate reality stuff would happen. His journal, and actions proved that.

I believe that in this alternate universe they have all made wrong opposite decisions to the on island universe choices. Daniel IS supposed to meet Charlotte. Charlie IS supposed to meet Claire. Jin IS supposed to marry Sun, etc.

Desmond wants the flight manifest to show them all this, but have them do it in the alt reality. That's why when he came to at the end of the show on the island, he didn't seem to care any more. He knew that by ending the universe and his life on island, he will be going for a coffee with Penny. Charles knows that by ending the universe on island, he will be happily married to Eloise and they will have a successful musician Son in Daniel and a have a relationship with Daniel's half-sister Penny. On island reality, Charles and Eloise don't speak, Penny and him have and have never had a relationship and his son Daniel is dead.

Setting off the bomb DID change things in the alternate reality, and soon Sawyer will be buying Juliet that coffee he owes her because 'it worked'.

I think it's safe to assume that everyone working with Widmore also knows this and this is their motivation for helping him, they have seen or are aware of a better life for them.

--------------ENTER MIB--------------

Here's where the real war that we keep hearing about begins. MIB doesn't want this to happen because if it does, he will cease to exist (or be trapped on the island forever underwater...whatever). His aim is to exist off island in our current universe. He only needs the people he has recruited to make sure Widmore and Desmond are unsuccessful and I believe doesn't really care about what happens to them, and as they have been told many of times, if they do stay with him they will be dead. He can show them the dead loved ones he has promised because they too will be dead.

What I am yet to be sure of is WHY? WHY does it have to be this universe he exists in? This I believe we are yet to find out. (You could theorise that he has been trapped in this universe and this is why Jacob has 'wasted people's lives' in it because he knows that the purpose of this universe is solely to trap MIB and thus, doesn't mind bringing people to the island as he knows they will be ok in the alternate universe).

One final note: Charlie's attitude sort of explained why he was how he was when we saw him with Hurley at Santa Rose Mental Health Institute. He WASN'T there, but it was him. Hurley sees 'dead' people from the alternate reality who are still alive and what they tell him is critical and TRUE. This I believe is what is going on with Jacob. He too exists in the alternate universe and like Eloise he too knows what's going on and like Eloise keeps helping Desmond, he helps Hurley.

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