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Death and Time by malatesta

It seems each episode of late points in a different direction, twisting the previous signposts to fit. The current episode, and Faraday's explicit comment that the sideways world is not the real world, but an ersatz one, suggest that dying means shifting time lines. "Even here, dead is dead"--yes, even here but only here. The person goes on, in a different timeline and in a different life.

Hurley cannot see people who are dead, but only who are in other timelines. At least they can appear form there and visit him from there. You die in one world, like Juliette, and go to the other--"it worked." Jacob has now gone to another time line, the one in which he still knows who he is and can intervene in the other timeline. What we're calling the sideways timeline is not authentic in that way. It's an artificial timeline, relatively unconscious of the others.

The cork is the damn, as a theorist here said, between the timelines. It is not the cork that stops one location from polluting abother--noit between the island and "the real world." Locke wants to get out of the island timeline where he is trapped, and get into a sideways timeline, one that he has to crash into via a plane. (Ajira left the LA world and landed on the island--via a light flash for the Losties. Locke's aim is to go backwards, crashing into the the real world. likely by the same flashes.)

The sideways time line is in the world at large, which seems to be Los Angeles (with a little England and Korea thrown in here and there). Anywhere there is a hospital in this world, Jack works in it. If Locke gets to LA and gets injured, Jack will treat him. But when he gets out, then "we're all in trouble." From where can evil more ably spread than from LA.? (They make TV series' there--LA and Burbank.)

What can it mean that "if that happens, then Penny your child all of us, we all won;t exist, we will all be dead"? as Wittmore keeps putting it? Could it be that the Losties and friends will not literally die, but they will not be who they are? THey will enter a sideways timeline where they have different identities. "Everyone you know will cease to exist." There will be clones, but they will not be "the real ones" in "the real world." They will be living in the world they're not supposed to be in, a fake world.(Mr Spock, in an original Star Trek episode goes back in time, when Vulcans were violent and volatile, not yet having mastered rational suppression and, heartsick, he confesses, "I have lost my self.")

All things that rise must converge. Most poignantly, the way back to true identities, true time and reality, seems now to be the uplifting power of love. What a sweet touch, "Did you feel it? You did , didn;t you? the a picture of true/perfect love." Charlie with Claire, Daniel with Charlotte, Desmond with Penny.

If death is being knocked out of the authentic time line and losing one's authentic self, it would explain why Jacob has little compunction sending out those lists that apparently caused kidnapping and death. It's OK that The Others and even the Losties suddenly become serial killers, shooting people at will, though they'd never done so in their lives before. Even here dead is dead, but it's only so regarding the here, not the there, where people continue, altered.

But who knows? There's no fact of the matter in fiction.

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