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Island/ City Picture by The Shire

For most of the series, there has been a picture of the island with a city image under it, as the reflection in the water. I was thinking that this is the balance between both worlds, both worlds are equal and can coexist. This is like the idea in the last Pirates of the Caribbean movie, where they bring Jack back from Davy Jones' Locker.

In the beginning of season 6, most of you know that the island has sunk! If the island has sunk then there can't be a city reflection. This means that the "city" or the rest of the world has been destroyed because the island has been lost.

This means that the MIB has gotten his wish since the island/ prison is no longer there. This also means that Jacob failed at keeping MIB there, and thus MIB destroyed the world. Now I don't think the Lost writers would want the series to end this way, so this might not be the answer.

The answer may lie with Desmond, who has the capability of going back and forth to different time lines or worlds. Perhaps he is the man who can prevent the island from sinking, or the cork from popping. He can do this by influencing the alt Losties to find there constants and their real lives. To stop living in the alt time-line and realize the truth about really has to happen.

Let me know, but I think that the picture that the producers have shown us for awhile has a lot to do with this series and the meaning behing "Lost".

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