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The Smoke Monster is..... by UNLOCKETHEBOXMAN

I have a idea about who the Smoke monster is and why he is now trapped in this body.
The Smoke Monster is.... Locke

That's right Flocke isn't just pretending to be Locke, he is Locke.

But the real Locke is dead I hear you say.
Yes he is.... In one time line, but very much alive in the other.
At somepoint in the flash sideways Locke will be transported back in time and turned into the Black Smoke. Where he will eventually start up the whole loop hole, not just to kill Jacob and get off the Island but to create himself.

Locke and Smokies back stories are the same because they are the same person (Crazy mother, knows what it's like to be betrayed (by his kidney sharking Dad), He cares for Claire, wants to lead others, Flocke called Locke an Angry man, Dogan called MIB an angry man). This is why Flocke throws his"Don't tell me what I can't do" hissy fit at the Bleeding Blond Kid.

He is now stuck in this one form because it is his own body and he doesn't want to lose it again.

Why does he want to leave and destroy the world?
Because Locke was never a man of Faith but always a man losing Faith. He is sick of the Island, Jacob and the whole world which keeps screwing him over. He wants to see what happens if he stops playing the game and lets the world end, just like he did with the hatch.

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