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Okay, they have mentioned this song quite a few times on the show: when Claire went to sign over her unborn baby to the Stewarts, it was playing on the Oceanic 815 mobile when Claire was in the medical station with Ethan, Kate sang it to Aaron while walking towards Cassidy's house, and Claire was singing it when she was in the hole in the temple. Finally, it was part of the montage at the end of Sundown.

Claire indicated that her father sang it to her when she was a baby. Of course that was Christian as we later found out. So what does this song have to do with Lost? Everything!

I believe the entire island is just that: A falling star. It is made up of dark matter (what gravity is made of) and lots of electromagnetic energy. It is one thing to have all these people on the island guessing about this or that. It is another thing to KNOW what it is. And I believe Jacob and MIB do. What has the power to potentially form a whole other reality when mixed with exploding uranium? What can cause time itself to be displaced and moved? What can move an entire land mass away from it's location? This star stuff accounts for a lot of the mysteries of Lost. I believe when the star landed it was just this "dark matter" as we will call it. Over millions of years, it formed land around it, much like regular land is formed over huge geological eras. Then comes Jacob and MIB to the island. And their mother maybe based on what MIB was talking to Kate about.

Somehow they are able to tap into this energy. Or maybe MIB was pushed down the well and became mangled into this energy creating the smoke monster. He becomes evil, but he is tied to the island. The only way he can escape is if the electromagnetic energy that creates this dark matter is released, which Desmond did at the end of Season 2. This energy or matter is a part of everything on the island. The drinking water, the dirt, the trees. It is touching every living thing on the island. And every dead thing as well. It probably traps souls there. I am rambling, but you get the basic idea.

When Dharma tapped into this pocket of energy MIB started forming his plan. He had to change the past in order to get his loophole and he did that in the form of the Oceanic 815 survivors. Only the unholy marriage of this matter and a nuclear bomb could release the chains that bound the smoke monster to the island. I still don't know why water can keep him there, but certainly the floor of a plane or a sub can't stop him. And once he is released he will destroy the world. So is the island alien? Indeed it is, but only in the same way anything not of this world is alien. It is not a living breating sentient being, but a chemical mix of material not of this earth.

So where does Jacob fit into all this then? How did he get to be immortal? And how could he make Richard immortal? More stardust? This is crazy and out there, but let me know what you think!

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