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Different parts of the show by Jonathon

First of all, let me introduce my self. My name is Jonathon, I live in California and have been hooked on Lost ever since the beginning. Okay here are my ideas:

Locke (Mr. Black)
We all know that the smoke monster, or Mr. Black, has taken the form of John Locke. This is to gain the trust of the people on the island. From all the flash backs, we have seen that he and Jacob have been rivals for quite some time. What made me think was why he would need the survivors from Oceanic 815 to come with him to get off the island. In my opinion he is going to kill them off. That wouldn't make a good end to these 6 years will it? It is hard to say why he wants them all with him.

Alternate Reality
When I first saw this I thought that it is just what would have happened if the plane never crashed on the island. Now, after watching the latest episodes, I do not know what to believe. All the main people that was on the first plane had some sort of "Memory" of what happened. What I think it could be is that the bomb that got set off changed the fate of everyone that was on the plane. I think there are essentially two copies of each person that was on the plane. Some are dead on the island some are not. Back before Desmond met Penny, Charles found Desmond and hired him to work for him. Desmond probably ran over Locke because he had a "memory" of Locke throwing him into the well as we saw in the last episode.

There are many theories out there. Who knows what will happen. I will be watching though!

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