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Hurley's leading the group and dealing with Flocke. I still insist Hurley is my candidate to be the Jacobs replacement, if there will be any substitute. As I said, Jacob let Ben kill him because he knew he was to reappear as a kid and became a man again, maybe MIB has a limited widow of time to escape the island. So maybe there will be no Jacob replacement and the candidate is maybe to be Richard replacement that will be give by Jacob the gift of no aging, or whatever other gift he ask. I think Desmond hit Locke in the ATL because he know MIB/Smokey get to leave the island in Locke body but some how, maybe Locke concscience in teh ATL may still fight MIB out of his body, or at least get Smokey powers diminished in the OTL by the ATL weakness bleeding in the OTL Flocke. I refused to believe that love was the constant, but after these last chapters it seems it really is. Otherwise, why Charlotte didn'y recognize Miles or Sawyer in the ATL if she was in the boat with Miles and also knew Sawyer? The answer, she was not in love with them. However, Faraday do recognize her, eventhough we don't know if she already met him.

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