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First timer here..

I have a theory. Some of it is already out there, so its more of a play off of existing theories.

I believe there is an original timeline (we’ll call it the OG), that was corrupted somehow, that lead to the branching off of the island timeline. The island timeline has been trying to course correct something that wasn’t suppose to happen in the OG and MIB/Jacob (or MIB’s mom) are somehow involved with offsetting the OG – thusly charged with correcting it. So the Sideways is a course corrected timeline in the making. As their actions on island keep changing, things are being shaped and corrected in the sideways until things turn out the way things should have (good or bad), as it would have turned out in the OG. “Anything else is just progress.”

On other matters…
1.Lapidus is a curious character that is strangely unexplored. We know sqwat about him. Does he just add to the body count or is he a significant sleeper?
2.The boy that appears in the woods is/was MIB’s body that Jacob stole.
3. I think Jacob lies/manipulates for the greater good, while MIB does the opposite.

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