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"Help Me" by Carole Anne

I think Lost will end with Jack taking Jacob’s place and Locke taking MIB’s place. The losties will have trapped MIB/Flocke somewhere, maybe the cabin, and surrounded it with ash. All the Losties will leave for the Sideways reality where they will experience the fruits of their redemption. Jack will stay behind to keep Flocke in check.

A new group of people will arrive on the island and one of them will stumble upon the cabin and will hear Flocke say, “Help Me!”

This is just my imagination playing around, but I thought it interesting. Humanity is really never free of being tempted by evil…..I don’t think it will end with Flocke’s demise. You can’t destroy evil. You can just contain it, learn to pass on temptation and do good in your life. But you always need to be on guard. Thank you Jacob,

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