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Help Me!!!!! by bobby

Okay, I officially give up on trying to figure things out on my own. So I am begging you guys to answers some of my following questions. I will give my thoughts/theories on my own questions as well. Okay here goes:

1. Could Eloise in some crazy, not sure how in the heck it would be possible way, be MIB's mother? When Desmond goes to buy the ring she talks him out of it because his mission was to go to the island to put in the code at the hatch. This led to him causing 815 to crash. MIB cant leave the island to kill Jacob's candidates so he needs them brought to him. In the Alt she doesnt want anyone to remember their forgotten past on the island. Why I have no clue. Not much to go on really with this other than the fact she knows what is going on in every timeline. How?

2. Is the ALT the work of MIB? Remember when he told Sayid he could give him his hearts desire? Nadia was all Sayid wanted and thought it was impossible. MIB's response was what if it isnt. What if the Alt is the result of MIB somehow tricking everyone by giving them the illusion that they have all they ever wanted? No their lives arent perfect in the Alt but Jin isnt shooting blanks, Sayid has Nadyia in his life(not the way he would prefer though), Jack has a son that he can love the way he wished his father loved him, Locke has both Helen and his dad in his life,etc. Only seems like Kate, Claire, and Charlie were still on the same path as they were on in the original timeline.

3. Is Jughead the cause of the Alt? I do not think it is. Ben's dad seemed to love his son very much in the Alt. He regreted leaving the island because he thought that Ben could have had a better life had they stayed. When Jughead was detonated Ben was still with the others being healed and his dad was drunk at Dharmaville. Ben's father hated the island and Ben as well in the original timeline.

4. Was the final shot in the season two finale (with the two guys in the arctic) the island in a frozen state? Eloise said the island is always moving. Also the wheel that moves the island is frozen as well. What did they mean when they said they found it? Im afraid that we will never get an explanation as to why they were stationed there. Could just be something as simple as the best way to detect abnormal amounts of elctromagnetic energy is at the earths magnetic poles. Over my head! The thing that always bugged me about this is that when Desmond asked Penny how she found him she said she tracked the phone call he made in "The Constant". It was the final scene in a season finale. Those are always supposed to be pivotal scenes to get you geared up for the next season. Yet this one hasnt been mentioned since.

5. Does Jacob control Hurley's ability to see the dead? It seems like the only time Hurley gets a visit from the dead is usually to warn him about something or to get him to do something that usually ends up benefiting Jacob. The dead also seem to have a vast knowledge of what can or will take place if Hurley doesnt heed their warnings. How? Does Jacob tell them what to tell Hurley? If the dead could freely appear to Hurley anytime they wanted wouldnt you think they would pop in and have a nice casual conversation from time to time?

6. Who had Dogen's role before he arrived? Dogen arrived in the eighties(I think). The Temple is much older than that. If Jacob always stays under the foot, and Dogen doesnt come until the eighties, then who healed young Ben when he was shot?

7. Who wants to kill me for asking too many dumb questions? I dont blame you if you do! These things may not be important to the overall plot of the show but they still drive me nuts. Thanks for any answers/thoughts you may have. If you just want to proceed to tell me how dumb my questions were please refrain. Jacob has already given that posistion to my wife!

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