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The ALT is the After-life... by Lockescrazymama

I believe that the ALT timeline is some kind of after-world.

Those that have died in the MTL know that they are in some other time-line or afterlife and must adhere to the "rules" of not letting those that don't know what is going on. That is also why they cannot die...as we saw Charlie doing crazy things (run thru traffic, drive the car off the road) to no consequence.

That is why Hawking said that Charlie letting Desmond know what was happening was a violation of the rules.

Desmond is special and he is the only one who can skip back and forth between these places....I'm thinking that by the end of the story they will all die and see that this is the place of what they wished for and part of sorta getting your wish, you have to help others make the transition.

Part of the transition is that the people in the MTL are making decisions good or bad to see what kind of life you live in the ATL.

That is why the two worlds do affect each other...but it is backwards from what we think. Instead of the theories that what is done in the ATL is affecting the island, it is what you do ON the island that affects what kind of life you get in the ATL. Thus Desmond will now seek out the manifest of the people on Flight 815 to help them make the "right" decision on the island so that they get what they want in the ATL.

I am curious on what everybody comes back with on this theory...

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