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A Grey World by Mystery Scribe

Simply put, Desmond's off-Island world is very grey. Did you notice how much grey was in this episode? I didn't until the second half of my second viewing. I haven't noticed this in other Sideways episodes, but I'm definitely going to watch again and look for instances of grey.

Before I catalog these instances, I want to compare all the Sideways grey (both in the clothing everyone is wearing to the style in which the film was shot) to the over-the-top vivid color of Des's flashbacks when he's in the MRI machine and when he flashed on Charlie's hand in the depths of the marina. I looked back at "The Looking Glass," when Charlie held up his "Not Penny's Boat" hand. The shot was not vivid like the flashback. It was enhanced as were all the shots in Des's flashback (I also think there were some flashforward images here, as I didn't recall some of them).

Here's my theory in a nutshell: I think the Sideways represents a greyed or subdued alternate reality, at least for Desmond. After "Happily Ever After," I think that certain characters are fighting for the Sideways timeline to triumph (maybe Eloise, since Daniel is alive, and the MiB, I think), while others are fighting for the Island reality to be victorious (Charles and Jacob?).

But I also believe everyone in "Lost" is presented with a false choice--light or dark, Jacob or MiB. In reality, I think there is a third choice, what I've called the "grey" where our Losties take neither Jacob's or MiB's side.

Here are the incidences of grey:
1) Des is wearing a light grey undershirt on Island when he wakes up.
2) When Des moves to the Sideways, he is wearing a grey suit and looking at an Oceanic logo against a grey background.
3) The airport walls are grey. Most of the luggage in the carousel are either grey or muted colors.
4) Hurley is wearing a grey t-shirt under his over shirt.
5) At least three of the extras waiting for luggage are wearing grey (a girl wearing a grey cap, a man in a grey striped shirt, a woman in a grey dress).
6) Claire is wearing a grey top and has a grey suitcase and light grey duffle.
7) Minkowski is wearing a grey tie and maybe a charcoal grey suit (although it could be navy).
8) The interior of the limo is grey.
9) Widmore has a grey pin-striped suit.
10) Des drives a grey car to pick up Charlie.
11) Charlie is wearing a two-toned grey striped shirt.
12) The door to the Justice Center is dark grey.
13) The Jax bar has a grey sign with a rabbit on it.
14) The doctor at the hospital is wearing grey pants.
15) The MRI tech is wearing a grey t-shirt under his red scrubs.
16) The headrest in the MRI is grey. And what about that big circle where he is pushed into the middle.
17) Eloise is entirely in shades of grey--grey suit, blouse, earrings.
18) Daniel is wearing a grey shirt and tie (skinny, of course).
19) Grey chairs are set up at Eloise's event.
20) Penny wears grey pants and has a grey towel.
21) I think Zoe has a light grey undershirt on.

Overall, on second viewing, everything in the Sideways looked dull and subdued--basically grey. I think it was filmed to looked that way.

Even if the Sideways has merit for other characters, I think it doesn't for Desmond. Even if the right choice is grey, it may not fulfill all of our Losties.

Now I'm left wondering if those who choose to stay on Island can live out their lives there and those who choose the Sideways world can do the same. I think this will be the real choice facing them all.

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