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We saw in the Season 6 episode "Happily Ever After" that Desmond was able to consciously travel between alternate timelines. This happened after being exposed to heavy electromagnetism. We have seen this before when Desmond turned the fail safe switch of the hatch and was exposed to electromagnetism which caused Desmond to travel consciously on the same timeline from the past to the present. This makes Desmond very special!

* Desmond’s mission

Desmond traveled to this LOST X world and has been shown the truth by Charlie about the lives they were supposed to live. Desmond’s near death experience with Charlie triggered an almost déjà vu effect which causes him to remember Charlie drowning from season 3. This window was again re-opened when he was undergoing an MRI. Daniel Faraday (Daniel Widmore in LOST X) also knows that this ALT world is not all there is, he tells Desmond that he remembers setting off a nuclear bomb! Eloise Hawking tells Desmond that he is not supposed to be doing this, just like she did when he flashed when he turned the fail safe switch. Eloise tells Desmond that he has what he always wanted, Charles Widmore’s respect. Desmond now knows that there is an alternate world and that he and the people he is now seeing do not belong to this LOST X world. He asks his driver to get him the manifest of the Oceanic 815 flight so he can “Show them something.” From here, I believe Desmond�€! ™s mission in the Alternate Time Line will be to get to the main players and show them that their current lives are NOT what was supposed to happen. I think he will primarily have to show this to the following people –
4- Locke
8- Hugo

* SideNote

It is interesting to note that Eloise told Desmond he got what he always wanted. She seems to be aware of their previous timelines and prefers this one. She is happy because in this timeline because she is not responsible for the death of her son! Who could of granted her such a wish? The same person who promised Sayid that he would return to Nadia. The same person who promised Jin he will return to his wife. The same person who promised Sawyer a ticket off this island. The Man in Black! This world now more than ever definitely seems like a world that exists if the Man in Black leaves the Island. This is a world without Jacob and therefore a world without the wineglass holding the darkness from spreading. Therefore, we have to assume in this world, that the darkness has spread!

* My Prediction

I believe Desmond’s mission is now to show the truth to the rest of the Candidates in the alternate timeline. I believe that once he does this they will become conscious of the ALT timeline (LOST X) in the real on-island 2007 timeline. He will go to each one and they will one by one become conscious of their lives and try to stop the man in black from leaving the Island. This is where Jacob’s loophole will take in to full effect!
The Man in Black is currently in the form of John Locke and we have seen that he has shown some of John Locke’s personality when screaming “Don’t tell me what I can’t do!” This was just foreshadowing how the Man In Black will be defeated. Jacob planned for this and this is why he gave Desmond this gift to travel between consciousnesses. He will show the ALT John Locke the truth about the real world (2007 on Island). This will cause John Locke’s awareness to filter through to the 2007 Island and his consciousness will re-appear in the Man in Black. John will then trap the Man In Black in his own body and have control over him – John Locke’s destiny is to prevent the man in black from ever leaving the island. John will in a sense then become the ISLAND, the cork keeping the Man in Black from spreading into the real world. This will conclude in them digging up John’s grave to find Christian Shephard buried there. This will give Jack the closure he need! s to be “fixed” and move on with his life. Everyone will leave the island except for John Locke who will stay and protect it and the world.

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