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The Broach and The Cabin by MHKM

Again, apologies if someone has put this out there already.

Secondly, I am going to put forth some theories but the real purpose I hope is to get some debate going on these topics.

Eloise's broach in "Happily Ever after" was two parallel lines with one star at different points on each parallel line. This is very much in contrast to the broach she wore earlier, a snake eating its own tale, a loop.

This could symbolize that the loop, assuming there was one, has been broken but with the remnants being two parallel universes that must be reconciled or brought together.

The two stars?

I am thinking this might mean that in order to bring the time lines back together they must be aligned in some way in order for Desmond to somehow bridge the gap. Once the stars align then the two can become one or at least transference between the two can occur.

Moving on...

This is a bit, or a lot, of a stretch but doesn't the box with the EM donuts they put Desmond in remind you of the cabin somewhat?

I was thinking that this recreation of Widmore's could actually be the equivalent of the cabin we have seen and instead of the EM donuts causing the EM field it is the EM hot spots on the island. And that is why the cabin is seen in different spots, moving around. It jumps from hot spot to hot spot. Being in the cabin allows you to consciousness jump just as Desmond did, that is if you have that ability or can survive it.

This would also give some reasoning behind why the circle of ash was around the cabin, to protect it from MIB so he couldn't utilize it.

Following this logic that could be why someone was yelling help in there, they were stuck between time lines?

Also could give reasoning to why Christian was in there but I'm not sure why yet since we haven't figured out where his loyalty stands or, well, anything about him.

p.s. This is how Christian shows up in the real world in jack's waiting room? IDK

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