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A few odd theories by sweetpea2720

I have a few theories here that I thought I would put in one post.

My first theory is that Jack will somehow be involved with flying off the island. Do you remember in the pilot episode when he said he had taken flying lessons? When Jack was talking to Sun at the end of The Package he seemed awfully confident that they would get off the island, is that because he knows if something happens to Lapidus he can take over? I know that is pretty far fetched, but just a thought.

My second theory is that Sun stopped being able to speak English because as season 6 goes on the sideways universe is going to come through more and more. In the sideways universe Sun never learned how to speak English that we know of. We have seen instances where the island time line has bled over the to the sideways time line, like when Jack saw the cut on his neck in the premiere, and When Kate seemed to recognize Jack at the airport, how do we know that the sideways universe can't bleed over into the island time line?

My third theory has to do with Claire. I believe the reason that Sayid doesn't have a soul but Claire seems to even both were "claimed" is because Clair was baptized by Mr. Ecko.

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