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Jack Shepherd and John Locke by primedforillusion

The roles of John Locke and Jack Shepherd in the story of LOST came to me today while watching "All the Best Cowboys Have Daddy Issues" and "Cabin Fever"

I believe Locke was always purposed to be the Man in Black's final playing piece, so to speak. It is clear that Christian's instruction to move the Island, his warning that John must die to fulfill his mission, and the skips through the time travel, which allowed Locke to create his own destiny and the 815ers to brings about the Incident, all orchestrated this outcome. Locke has been the perfect vessel for the Man in Black's mission this season, recruiting the Candidates, because of the way that Locke encouraged honesty and respect in the early days of the 815 survivors. Even if he is eerie, you can see Locke peering through and it almost lets you trust him. I love the consistency throughout the overall narrative.

Now, I believe Jacob has some knowledge of the future - is he from the future? Maybe he is, but the Man in Black isn't? That's another theory - and foresaw this move by his nemesis. So, he engineered the life of Jack Shepherd, much as the Man in Black manipulated Locke, to prepare him as his replacement. I believe we will come to learn that Christian knew of Jack's destiny and thus played the tough father that he was, to turn Jack into the man he needed to be. It also explains the vital role his ghost (as opposed to the Man in Black apparition; I believe we've seen two different Christians and there is ample evidence for this) could play in Jack's final acts on the Island

I know this sounds very... anti-free will, but let's remember that Jack has definitely made his own decisions throughout the series. It is the scenario that has been manipulated, and the final outcome of this will certainly be for the "greater good", which I believe Jack will always choose himself, at any point in his life, anyway.

Now, here's the bonus round: Locke was also necessary for Jacob's plan. If it isn't crystal clear by now, John Locke and his interaction with Jack Shepherd on the Island, followed by the events after Jack left the Island, was the crucial and irreplaceable catalyst toward Jack becoming a man of faith and returning to the Island to stop the Man in Black. In the end, these men worked together toward a common goal (saving the Island and the world) and Locke's death was not in vain. I do not believe we will see him alive again, outside of the flash sideways.

So, I believe that Jack, in some fashion, will eventually defeat the Man in Black, giving Jacob checkmate from the grave.

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