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Brainwashed-Timetravel Theory by Shab

First time poster and I am not an english native speaker, so please forgive me, if its bad grammar or someone already mentioned parts of this theory before.
My theory is, that from the perspective of our Losties, the events in the ALT are happening BEFORE they come to the island in season 1 and that they all (except desmond) underwent some kind of dharma-room23-brainwashing that gave them some false memories of their past as a part of some larger scaled experiments on "human material". This might solve some of our long-known-mysteries.

I try to explain now:
815 never crashes on the island in 2004. What we are now seeing in the ALT is their true live from the point of 815 landing in LA. Patchy loses his eye, John Locke will get surgery by Jack
The events unfolding (that we have not already seen) lead all of them somehow to taking again another flight which will have a (secretly planned) crash on the island (perhaps about 2006). I am thinking that somehow the Paik Company is involved with this and they they put that fake debris in the sea to prevent anyone to keep on searching for the losties.
Now this is kinda speculative, but I think the whole room-23 thing migth be a hint, that they undergo some kind of secret brainwashing just after the crash in season 1, perhaps during the nights, perhaps not all the same time, but that is no problem for the story line, since they are all confused and partly dont know each other and so on. The brainwash is for giving them fake memories about a fake past that fulfills 2 duties: forgetting about 2 years and making them doing certain decisions on the island. I think, Jack was the first they took, that is why he wakes up in the jungle. With "them" I obvously mean the others. Perhaps there is some problem or special thing with brainwashing children, thats why they are so interested in them. Now this theory eplains some mysteries:
- why Locke is able to walk again
- why there is a "time shift" when trying to leave the island
- why the Others all know our Losties (remember Mikhails comment on knowing Locke)
- the meaning and existing of the ALT
- the disability of conceiving children (this might not be the case at all, just a myth to explain secretly done abortions before brainwash)

Now later on, when desmond turns the failsafe key (his story is completely different from the situation of the losties, havent figured out yet how his timeline plays out), the island is exposed to the outside world and widmore is able to sent the freighter guys. As we know he was an other in the 70ies and probably took part in these brainwash experiments but now is renegade to the whole thing and wants to stop it, which fails, as we know, cause the freighter explodes.
We know that this event leads to the oceanic 6 leaving the island and living 2-3 years in LA before later on taking the Ajira Flight ("we have to go back").
Okay I know, this is all some kind of speculative and there are of course some things it doesnt explain or that confuse my version of the story (e. g. the whole Jacob, MIB, Alpert, Ben thing, desmond and the live of Jeremy Bentham, not to forget about the time travel in the 70ies).
But I found it really striking from the authors to show us the patchy thing, a-false-memory-phenomenon and room-23 in one episode together, thats how I came to the theory. So perhaps they are just trying to put false tracks and this is a red herring, but let us see how it all plays out. What I like from this theory, is that some of the supernatural-fantasy things might get a scientific explanation, but perhaps this is just wishful thinking ;-)

So, great show, let us all enjoy the last weeks and see how it plays out. Thanx for reading and comments! Greetz, Shab.

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