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The end/entire point of the show by bassman94

Alright, I understand that this theory may contain elements from other theories but whatever. also, there are quite a few holes in this theory that i'm still trying to figure out but whatever

I believe that I have figured out the true meaning of lost and how the series is going to end

Ok first I'll say my theory on how the series is gonna end. Be mindful that I'm skipping way ahead here.

OK, so we obviously know that a war's coming, and that the losties aregoing to have to face off against MIB. Well I'm just going to assume that they defeat him and am going to continue with what i think happens after that.

Alright, i believe that after this battle, nearly all of the losties are going to die, on the island, except jack. jack, after defeating MIB is then going to have to make the ultimate sacrafice to ensure that everyone who died is able to survive in the sideways world. This sacrafice is going to lead to all of the lostie's original mindsets to be transferred to the sideways world, everyone that is, except jack. jack instead is going to have to endure a repeating time loop of crashing on the island, and thus become the new "jacob" and continue to defeat mib, because if the "cork" pops and mib leaves, this will likely destoy the sideways world, which mib does not exist in. because jack is stuck in a repeating time loop, this somewhat explains why he woke up in the jungle in the first episode rather than at the crash site like everyone else.

now at this point you may be wondering, what's the destiny of the other lostie's? well in this case, their destinies are to help jack destroy mib, die and then live on in the sideways world. every single castaway was somehow instrumental in helping jack destroy mib.

you may also be wondering if theres something more to these characters' purposes rather than just dying in order to stop mib. and this, my friends, is what i believe is the purpose of the whole show.

it wasnt the island that is the castaways destiny, it was their destiny to meet up with each other, which now they have a chance to do in the sideways, like charlie-claire, sawyer-juliet, jack-kate, sayid-shannon, michael-walt, hurley- faraday-charlotte, libby and locke with jack so he could heal his paralysis. in the end, it will turn out that the show is really about the characters themselves, rather than the island, although the island of course was necessary in order to bring them together.

thanks alot if you read the whole thing, yes i realize there are a few holes and contradictions in it but i'd really appreciate it if you'd let me know what u think.

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