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Mangs MultiVerse Theory *Revised* by Matt hanson

After watching 'Happily Ever After' it occurred to me that we are most likely only watching but one of many possible alternative universes that all of our characters are involved in. Currently, the 'sideways' timeline can be considered the fairy tale timeline, as suggested by the title of tonites episode. Because the island acts as a tether, a point of convergence where the multiplicity of timelines comes together, the absence of the island gives the characters of the Fairy Tale timeline free will to make whatever decisions they want to, as illustrated by Desmond saying that 'you can always choose what you want to do' before Chahlie deep sixed them into the harbor. Likewise, if the island is 'uncorked', if you will it will cause every timeline to become unbound and cause the multiverse to go haywire, having everyone and everything jump between alt realities and transforming our macro existence into a world of quantum mechanics where anything can happen at any time. You coul! d be sitting at home eating your cheerios and next thing you know its a bowl of horse poop from the equine timeline! The horror!

-Characters Roles-

Brotha Desmond-The reason Desmond is so special is because he is the only person in the world whose consciousness is capable of traveling between different timelines in the multiverse. While our heroes clearly are able to recognize that they exist on multiple planes (when they look into the mirrors), Desmondo can actually process this information and understand it. While originally Desmond had the ability to jump around one linear timeline, he now has the ability to jump from timeline to timeline and try to correct things, as Elouise said this episode he is 'Widmores top fixit mang'. I believe that this is the reason for Desmonds seeming willingness to become a puppet for whoever asks him to. We are all a people who posess but one consciousness, and if we have a consciousness that travels from plane to plane (pun intended) then the body we just left, is more husk than man.

Faraday-When Faraday initially exploderized the island in the original timeline, it went against what was supposed to happen in that timeline. The islands original destiny, if you will. When that island got sunk, it altered the current ALT timeline in such a way that was never intended to happen which was the intent all along. It is a timeline unbound, untethered to the island.

Elouise Hawking/Widmore-Shes the gatekeeper, somehow has the unique ability to view all of the different alternative universes at once, and has the unenviable task of making sure that everyone that exists on one timeline, stays in their timeline and keeps on keeping on as they are supposed to do. This unique ability allowed herself and Charles to conspire across timelines to attempt to undo the nuclear blast so that they could try to fix all the various destinies that got exploderized with the island on the original timeline. She knew that Desmond would be traveling to the Fairy Tale land from the original timeline, but thought that it would happen later on in the FTT (fairy tale timeline), which is why she stated that Desmond was not ready to find out who Penneh was. She does not know that Charles Widmore has had a slight change of plans that deviated from the originally scheduled timetable, otherwise Im sure she would have been amicable to such a change in plans. Remember ! that time on the island is different from anywhere else, so a few hours or days difference on one could mean a difference of weeks or months on another plane of existence.

Chucky Widmore-The original Ben/Locke (well the earliest one we know of at least). Widmore considers the island HIS island, and most likely considered himself the candidate to replace Jacob until lil Benny Linus kicked him off the island for conceiving Penny with an outsider. I believe he has always wanted to get back to the island to try to remove the remaining candidates so that he could assume the role he always cherished, Jacobs successor, protector of the island. Therefore, Elouise and Charles have been conspiring ever since the island done got sunk to try to undo that event so that they could take over for Jacob. After coordinating with Elouise, Charles Widmore has gone back to the island to try to utilize its unique properties to trigger Desmonds ability to go between worlds and save the island he loves so dearly in the original timeline...the timeline that Widmore was supposed to take over for Jacob in.

Jacob/Smokey-The guardians of the island. I really like the Fisher King theory, so Im going to stick with that one for now. I think that Smokey is just sick and tired of being confined to the island for eternity, living at a point of convergence for all reality on earth. He would rather see all worlds destroyed and spun into chaos than be confined to the island, protecting it from the infinite onslaught of corruptible human souls. Jacob however, as the Fisher King only cares for one thing. Keeping the island where the island is, and maintaining order in the universe. This is the one part of the theory that I am still working on so if anyone has ideas, hit me up!

-The End reveal?-

I believe that in the end, the 'adam and eve' skeletons will end up being Charles and Elouise. The same Charles and Elouise that father 2 children named Jacob and MIB (please name him for crying out loud already!) and ultimately die at one of their hands.

I know im jumping around quite a bit, but let me know what yall think!

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