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The end is just the beginning by The J

Last night's terrific episode was also fairly predictable. When Desmond showed up on the dock I immediately realized he will be traveling between the 2 time frames and be the catalyst for the union of the characters.

There currently is no outside time frame for the island. The island was destroyed and the LAX time frame came into being. But the island continues to exist, without bomb damage and with the full history of the first 5 seasons still being found. So the island we see in season 6 is the same island, the time frame outside of it has changed.

The universe must correct itself has been a recurring theme. In this theme the island must be placed in the LAX time frame, the idea that the LAX time will just go away is unrealistic.

Therefore Desmond will end up bringing or causing key players to travel to the island again (repeating a cycle is another favorite LOST theme).

Desmond taking the duplicates out of one time to crash, yet again, on the island, awakening as themselves, a single entity, will allow the LAX time (with holdouts like Charlie, Claire, Daniel and Charlotte living on in that time) and the original island time to converge.

Locke will return to the island with the duplicates. "Jacob stole my body" becomes MiB stole my body when Locke awakens as the Smoke entity. This sets Fate driven Locke against the MiB or Jacob replacement.

Jacob's statement to MiB when MiB said he will kill him was "by then I will have a replacement" to which MiB replied "I will just kill him too". Who is the one person MiB would not kill? Himself. So MiB will, during the fight with Widmore and the converging times will lead him to protecting the island and becoming Jacob's replacement.

This fits into the Yin Yang theme touched upon in LOST. One becomes the other, fits into a body being stolen, allows those with better lives to go on living them in LAX time and the question of who is good and who is evil (the answer to which LOST has most assiduously avoided) to remain a question yet tying up the series in a final ending that, while definitive and unable to move on from (because of the deaths of so many players along the way) is still simply the beginning (an island, with an antagonist (actual Locke) and protagonist (Flocke) continuing an endless struggle.

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