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This is my first theory, so please be gentle, heh.

Something struck me last night as I watched Happily Ever After. The dead survivors seem to know what the heck is going on in the ALT. Charlie even goes so far to claim that his near death experience was the key to showing him the ALT, and we can see that it's true, even with Desmond. Death brings awareness, knowledge, and even a bit of dimensional tomfoolery...

Look at ALT Sun. She gets shot, and the time lines twist just a bit. Parts of ALT Sun jump-shift into Island Sun. Her personality and her consciousness and inability to speak English jump-shifts into Island Sun as she's about ready to die... kinda' makes you wonder if Ji Yeon is going through anything right now, don't it?

So, let's follow this through a bit.

If Fake Locke wants to leave the island, and Richard and Jacob claim that he really wants to kill everyone on the island... maybe that's HOW he leaves.

If he gets enough people together and brutally slaughters them in a group fashion, would the force of it be enough to just jump-shift the Island time line into the ALT, completely? These survivors and everyone on the Island reverts into the ALT phases of their lives, kinda' unaware, except for Desmond...

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