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Alt Timeline is The Ending!! by Nocturno

Ok, I'm a big lost fan but I'm not going to go into much detail because I don't have the time but I'm pretty sure of this.

I have been thinking about this ever since the first episode of this season, and every week my hypothesis doesnt get rejected and I grew more fond of it.

As you can see in this timeline every character tends to make the "right" choices, without really knowing each other they are in a course with destiny where they meet and where their lifes will have happy developments (in other words a happy ending to lost):

Jack reconnects with his son, Kate helps Clair give birth, Sawyer is a cop who choses to do the right thing, Ben does the worthy thing for the first time in history, Locke is happy, and I could keep going.

I don't know how is this going to happen maybe Desmond is gonna blow jug-head up or something like that but it really doesn't matter. The point is the Alt timeline happens after this...

So then even if the island goes to hell, Sayid is a soldier of evil and everybody dies I'm confident the alt-timeline is gonna end well. You could point Sun is shot, but I just know that is going to end well.

In this moment of the series the Altimeline is still not conclusive but every week it goes I have been testing my theory and every week i'm more convinced i'm right.

Think about it, why in hell would the writers would have gone through the trouble of creating the alt-timeline if it was not because it was really important and really big. And really we all know that Lost has to have a big and crushing ending that won't wait until the final seconds to be revealed. And well the writers have done this to us before (the flash forwards).

And well there really is not much lost left for there to be many other viable reasons for the alt- timeline to exist, especially since Desmond now seems to have connected the dots and I think he is gonna send every character towards everybody's individual destiny.

Continuing with my theory, I also think that the choices the characters made now in the island impact the ending of the story for them (like karma). Sayid has basically sold his soul so in the ending he is not as happy as everybody else will end and as useless (his unwillingless to help Jin), and well this happens with everybody: Ben reddems himself in the island so he gets to redeem himself in the ending (helping Alex). And well i'm sure this will continue to happen with every character, basically just substitute altimelie with ending in every think you have realized about lost so far and that's my take on the matter.

The only problem I can see as today with my theory is the candidate thing, because it doesn't work out yet but Im sure in the next couple of episodes this will alse make sense

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