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Christian and The Third Entity? by Josh

Between season three and four, ABC put out the Lost Missing Pieces. I'm sure you've seen them many times over. Some of them are nothing more than character filler, but some of huge in the story line. The one that sticks out, is clearly number 13, which has Christian telling Vincent to wake up his son because he has work to do. This leads in to the opening scene. How do you see the Missing Pieces fitting in? Since season 1, I have been ridiculed for standing firmly by my "Christian is not dead" theory. While much has changed since then, I still can't shake his relevance to the show. Do you buy in to the theories that he is sometimes MIB and sometime Jacob? Or maybe, after you see my next story, there is a third option.

After Ab Aeterno, I started thinking that there is MUCH more to Jacob/MIB...most specifically, a third entity. The thought is that there is a third entity---probably the crazy mother---who is also exercising her influence on the Losties, Others and everyone else. I can go all over the place with this: from Rosseau and Claire are her replacements to Jacob is Adam and she is Eve and MIB killed her (his mother)....There are more questions that can be answered with this idea: Ben's mom appearing in the jungle, Isabella, Dave, Kate's Horse, Sayid's Cat, etc...none of these people or animals have ever been on the island.

I can accept that smokey can take the form of the unburied/dead (Alex, Yemi, Locke), but i'm not so sure he can take the form of the off island dead. Even Isabella could have been controlled by the 3rd entity being chased away by Smokey. Further, what to make of the off island apparitions: Christian visiting Jack during the 06 era or visiting Michael on the freighter (because now, its clear that Smokey can't and didnt do that).

Now, the last question, which related to both of the above paragraphs: Could the third entity be controlling Christian? Wouldn't this explain how he seems to be interested in BOTH sides? When Christian appeared to Sun and Frank in the barracks in S5, Flocke was with Ben on Hyrda Island. Again, Christian appearing to Michael on the Freighter at the same time he is telling Locke to turn the wheel. He is constantly in two places at once, and we've yet to see Jacob OR MIB pull that off. Now, I know Christian and MIB at one point were working together to recruit Claire, but how and why?

Most importantly, could the Third Entity explain the Cabin? IN the words of Jacob, MIB and the Third Entity "Helllp Meeeeee"

Thanks for your thoughts!

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