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Last week I created a post in which I explain how in the Sideways Universe we see only Blacks, Whites, Greys, Reds, Purples. During "Happily Ever After" we start seeing greens introduced. You can read more of that post here: http://theoriesonlost.blogspot.com/2010/04/use-of-color-in-sideways-world-by-alex.html

I created this new post to explain that now in "Everybody Loves Hugo" we are now seeing yellows as well as greens in the Sideways Universe. This is most obvious in the "Mr. Cluck's" scenes. But it is also seen in the rec room at the mental hospital, Libby's psychologist's office walls, and even in Libby's hair. It is also seen on the beach as well.

Green has a lot of symbolic and metaphorical meanings that really fit in well with where LOST was going.

Yellow represents happiness and joy but in contrast yellow is the color of cowardice.

It is also used to welcome home loved ones from war.

I think for Lost the themes they are associating with yellow are hope, support and remembrance. I know Hurley is usually afraid of everything so it is possible they are using yellow to symbolize that, however this episode was about Hurley taking leadership roles and overcoming his fears.

I think this adds more strength to my theory that the addition of more colors in the Sideways Universe coincides with the fact that the Jack, Hurley, Desmond, etc are all becoming enlightened. The addition of the green in the last episode and the addition of yellow in this episode is not an accident or a coincidence. I am betting we will see some newer colors added to the palette next week.

On a few side notes, I loved when Sawyer said to FLocke "What, you talk to wood now?" when FLocke was whittling that stick.

Also I think this was a great Jack turning point, realizing that he can't fix everything, sometimes he just has to let go.

Thanks for reading, I would love to see your feedback regarding the use of colors in the Sideways Universe.

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