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Good VS. Evil --- Conquered by Love by Scott77

Too much discussion has been placed on Good VS. Evil or Black VS. White or Jacob VS. Locke.

I feel the point of Lost is that good and evil is not easily defined. Too much emphasis is placed on black and white, when really the world is more grayscale. Jacob's actions cannot be classified as being 100% good. Flocke's actions do not seem to be 100% evil.

Desmond appears to be the symbol of love. In the end I feel that Desmond will be able to conquer all, symbolizing that love has the same power. ALL YOU NEED IS LOVE.

As the end draws near I see each lost character representing specific character traits. Perhaps LOST will come down to internal emotional conflicts. Each character is a living representation of these traits. Perhaps the island is waging these traits against each other to see which is the most necessary emotion or feeling or belief system.
I see Jacob as being a representation of good.
Flocke as being a representation of evil.
Widmore as being a representation of power.
Jack as being a representation of science.
Locke as being a representation of faith.
Hurley as being a representation of humour or common sense.
Desmond as being a representation of LOVE.

Perhaps this the game that has been played all along....

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