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I have been thinking who could be the new jacob. We know that of the remaining six Candidates Jin/Sun Sawyer, Kate, Jack, Sayid, and Hugo only Jack and Hugo came back for the island and not for another purpose.

Sun came for Jin
Jin is looking for Sun
Sawyer Followed Juliet but didn't really want to leave Darma
Sayid was forced back to the Island
Kate came looking for Claire to reunite with Aaron

Jack came back because of destiny
Hugo came back because Jacob asked him to.

Jacob save Jack and Hugo from MIB in Sundown but left Sawyer, Kate, Sayid, and Jin to MIB.

Also Sawyer, Kate, and Sayid are still with MIB in order to leave the Island, Jin and Sun are looking for each other to leave to be with their Daughter. Again only Jack and Hugo seem to want to stay at this point.

IT seems that only Jack and Hugo have come to accept their fated goes hand in hand with the island.

Also I believe Jack is the new Jacob because he is and always has been the leader and Hugo is the advisor because he communicates with the dead including Jacob and is true good in nature and has kept Jack in line most of the way.

What do you guys think?

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