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Desmond, the Monk, and the Bridge by lostmonk

I'm going to piggy-back on a few other posts here and some friends thoughts... Maik Lohse had the theory that Widmore will send Desmond back in time "to the point BEFORE he didn't manage to push the button - so that he CAN push the button AAAAAAAAAND thereby Oceanic 815 never crashing on the island..."

Let me preface this that I do NOT think that LOST has some sort of underlying Lion, The Witch, And The Wardrobe-type direct Christian allegory. There are however some things here worth investigating here regarding Desmond Hume and monasticism...

Remember Desmond was a monk at one time? One of the main philosophies of monasticism is separation FROM the world for the salvation OF the world. Sequestering themselves apart from society in order to pray and labor for the salvation of humanity. This in effect would be Desmond's role which he would fulfill by pressing the button over and over again, much like a monk would pray 8 times a day at certain hours. Desmond would be the hidden "savior."

Desmond is the bridge between these two realities, which is pretty obvious after last night's episode. ALT reality is what everyone "thinks" they want. Island reality is "destiny." There is a greater and bigger purpose for all. It's just bloodier than we would have it if we were allowed to choose otherwise. "Freewill" and "Destiny" can be friendly bedfellows and I think Desmond will prove this to be true.

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