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Its possible that the ALT timeline occured BEFORE any of the Losties crashed on the Island.

I think we may see our Lost characters slowly coming to a realization that they may find true love (as shown in last nights episode) by going to the Island. They will slowly begin to have "memories", or more accurately "visions", of people they have never met, but somehow have this amazing, emotional, and seemingly real love for. For example, I dont think in the ALT that Charlie or Desmond are "remembering" Claire or Penny, or that the two realities are "bleeding" through. Instead, I believe that they are somehow channeling a universe that they have yet to experience. A universe where anything they desire can come true, just like the "Box" that has been discussed by Ben and others.

As a result, I think that in the ALT timeline we are seeing what ORIGINALLY brings the 815ers to the Island, and that all the past seasons are what happened AFTER they arrive.

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