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The Feeling Factor by Lovely


With these words, and after a quick dip in the marina, Charlie nudged Desmond ever so bluntly into enlightenment in the FSW. On the island, Widmore completed the circuit for Desmond to become what he was always meant to become... The bridge between the world we have known, the world of Jacob and the crash of 815, and the FSW.

Just prior to the beginning of the season, I wrote a couple of theories entitled "The Temple Bridge pt 1 and 2. In them, I offered an explanation that I believe even more strongly now; The LA X or FSW world belongs to MIB.

It is the 'home' in which he wants to return to. A world without Jacob and a world he controls. In these earlier theories, I though we would find a bridge between these worlds in the temple. Little did I know that the temple would indeed be Desmond David Hume.

I struggled early in the season, like a lot of you did, with the FSW. To me, these characters, despite their appearance, were different characters with different back-stories and to me, any redemption for them would not be enough unless we somehow merged with the characters we have come to care about for six seasons. Locke's seemingly happy life of acceptance and love with Helen rang hollow. I wanted redemption for the island Locke that crashed and was redeemed by the island. This was the same for every other character as well. Jack being a dad in the FSW didn't mean anything to me.

I grew tired of the Deja Vu eyes everyone was making and hoped for something more to justify why I should care about what happened in this world. The last couple of episodes has finally brought that. It has brought with it a marriage of science and faith. We saw the science of Widmore's team blasting Desmond's island consciousness into the FSW and the faith/feeling that made him and others finally wake up on the other side.


At first pass, we can assume that MIB meant his own personal humanity when he told Richard this in AB Aeterno. What I am suggesting here is something far greater. What is the one thing we have seem MIB do consistently throughout LOST? Possess the soul of others. Yemi, Alex, and Christian (at least to some degree) for sure. Quite possibly it was him who possessed Horace and Ana Lucia in dreams. Finally, totally controlling Locke's form and emotional control of Claire and Sayid.

Widmore told Jin that if 'that thing' gets off the island, we would simply cease to be. Well, in the FSW, the island is underwater and we know that smokey doesn't like to get wet. That can only mean that he is either loose or dead in this world and my money is on him being freed from the island and in control.

Look closely at the characters in the FSW. They all seem to have their own personal 'happily ever after' but there is always one thing missing. It is as if some God has taken over and given them, 'the perfect life' as Hawking says. Funny how she thinks the one thing Desmond truly wants is Widmore's approval. Funny how if Desmond was scanned in the 815 timeline, that would be the conclusion MIB would have come up with to make his perfect life.

MIB in the FSW has condemned mankind to the lives that he thinks will suit them best. In that world, he is Jacob and everyone else might be a puppet on his string like Claire is on-island now. Maybe everyone at their core in the FSW feels really like Sayid on-island now. Maybe that is what it feels like to lose your humanity and your free will. Void of any emotion.

Where do we go from here? Which world will survive? Who knows. I for one would be extremely disappointed if the island doesn't survive. It has been the catalyst for the redemption and canvas on which our characters have become worthy of our love and our story has been told. To condemn it to death would be a fate undeserved considering the alternative.

I think we will go back to the beginning. We will finally reveal the exact nature of Jacob and MIB's feud. In the end, we will see that somehow that will continue through the crowning of a candidate and the continued containment of that which seeks to possess all.

As always, your thoughts and comments are appreciated!

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