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Desmond Is Jacob's Loophole by LostInHouse

Desmond was not born special. He was made special by two desperate Widmore parents who sent him to an island to press a button for three years, which in turn would set Desmond up to do some very great things despite what Mrs. Hawking said to the contrary.

Desmond spent three years pressing a button every 108 minutes. The purpose of pressing this button was to release built up electromagnetic energy underneath the swan station caused by the incident. Desmond's purpose is so important, I am inclined to think that our Losties were sent to 1977 not to blow up the island, but to CAUSE the incident, because without the incident, there would have been no electromagnetic radiation patch leak, and no need for a button to be pressed. The incident actually created our Swan station button pressing Conscious Time Traveling Hero.

Desmond is exposed to this button pressing released energy approx. 13,400 times. He was also taking an unknown vaccine that could have been helping his body adjust to the effects of the electromagnetic radiation, and help build up a tolerance or a resistance. He survives blowing up the Swan station, and eliminates one of the three main pockets of energy on the island. (see where this is going?)
The catastrophic event has an amazing side effect of conscious time travel. (more on that later)

Ever wonder why the Submarines? Did you notice that Smokey / MIB didn't know that Widmore and the Sub had arrived on Hydra island until Sawyer reported back to him? Electromagnetic waves (radar) do not travel well in water, but Acoustic waves (sonar) do. Submarines use sonar waves to find the island, in turn, anything on the island which mainly uses electromagnetic energy (Smokey) can not sense what is in the water.

So, come to island by plane or boat = Smokey awareness + possible immediate death. Come to the island by Submarine = Smokey unaware + safety behind sonar fences.

Sonar = Acoustic = Sound waves. Radar = Electromagnetic = Light waves. Sound travel is motion; light travel is radiation. Just for easy understanding, they are incompatible. One can be used to control the other. The Sonar fences control Smokey, and he can not penetrate them. I don't think they would hurt him, I just think they repel him. Ever try to push the positive sides of two magnets together? I'm not sure if this is a good analogy, but it works for what I want to say.

Smokey has manipulated the electromagnetic energy on the island for a very long time for however he has deemed necessary. He has taken on many personas, shapes, spirits, etc... Trapped on the island only to be set free upon the death of Jacob. When Jacob lost his human form, MIB was allowed to have his, and he chose the body of Locke. MIB can only leave the island in a human body, but only if he can truly be rid of Jacob and those who may become Jacob.

Of course there is a HUGE war in the middle of all of this. It takes a lot of convincing for most of these people to come to their senses.

But what if a replacement for Jacob were to be found? Is this whole thing doomed to repeat itself? No.

This is where Desmond comes in. This is the Variable. This is Daniel Faraday creating extra time. This is Jacob's Loophole.

Widmore doesn't want to destroy the island. He doesn't want to sink it. He needs Desmond to destroy the remaining pockets of electromagnetic energy on the island.

Zoe pointed out the three sources of electromagnetic energy on the Dharma map that Jin had documented on the island. That is why they kidnapped Jin. He needs to show them where the sources of energy are so that Desmond can eliminated them.

We know that one of the other sources is located underneath the Orchid station and is connected with the donkey wheel. I don't think that the third location has been disclosed yet unless it has something to do with the Temple.

Desmond is the only one who can do this. This is what they have been waiting for. This is what they have been working towards.

They need to be able to control MIB. I'm not sure if destroyed is the right word here. I think the island serves a greater purpose, and is in need of dark and light balance. If Smokey is truly a body-less entity, they can keep him contained on the hydra island with their man made electromagnetic donuts surrounded by sonar fences.

As far as the underwater island, that really must be a part of the sideways story. Desmond was given the gift of conscious time travel. He is at peace with what needs to be done on the island. I think with Desmond's help the rest of our favorites will experience something similar.

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