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The Face of Evil Part 2 by boogieman

Xoanan the computer was located in room 37. I noticed the number A37 on the MRI machine display (Could be a stretch but I don’t believe that all these are coincidences)

As the Doctor is enroute to room 37 we get a shot inside the room and see the computer monitoring him and Leela. The computer then says the following in both the Doctors and a woman’s voice (sometimes speaking simultaneously):

“We are return. We are here, we are here. We are return. We, we. Now we shall be one. We are here. We are return. We are here. We are return. Now we shall be one. Now we must destroy us. We, we. Now we shall be one. We are return. We are here. Now we must destroy us to become one one one one.”

Right now it seems that there are 2 people who can see across space and time. Desmond and Eloise. I believe that she may be part of the duality of Jacob and the MIB. I will go out on a limb to say that when Flocke spoke of having a crazy mother he may have been speaking of Eloise. Both Jacob and the MIB are the children of something gone wrong with a computer type device or entity that Desmond and Eloise may have been part of like in the Doctor Who – The Face of Evil.

Simplified version: The Doctor goes to the planet early in his 4th regeneration. He tried to assist with a computer by interfacing it with his brain. Being not completely regenerated he forgets to wipe his imprint from the computer. He leaves the planet and while not completely regenerated he forgets the entire encounter. He returns years later and finds that the computer Xoanan was not a computer but a sentient life form. It developed its own personality and that was fused with the Doctors imprint. It became schizophrenic and develops a good side (Jacob) and a bad side (Smokey). It then goes on to use the members of the survey team in a eugenics war. One side technological (DHARMA) the other side savages (the others). The Doctor in the end manages to remove his imprint from the computer and it is regains its sanity. The entity personality is now that of a man so I don’t know how that will figure in with Eloise and Desmond as far as who is real and who was the s! entient computer being.

You have to admit even if you are a skeptic that the similarities to the shows are uncanny. I had almost forgotten about Charlie’s band. The song “You are everybody” could that be a reference to the fact that one or all of the flashes (flashbacks, flash forwards or flash sideways) aren’t real and just a product of the computer/sentient life forms imagination or it’s creation. In the end of Doctor Who the Face of Evil, Xoanan was able to create matter with its thoughts. It also created a button and gave both the technological and savage groups the opportunity to destroy it if anyone just pushed the button. Neither side did and the button disappeared into thin air. The Doctor left along with Leela leaving Xoanan to act as an advisor to correct what he had made wrong.

Eloise: I want you to stop

Desmond: Stop, stop what

Eloise: Someone has clearly affected the way you see things. This is a serious problem. It is in fact a violation. So whatever you’re doing. Whatever it is you think you’re looking for. You need to stop looking for it.

Could this be the two consciousnesses arguing with each other?

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