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random thoughts by RMasano

Not so much theories but thoughts that could lead to theories.

First, I noticed that John Locke is the only person to not die on the island. Could this be important? Maybe John is important because his is the purist soul and eventually his soul can conquer MIB? MIB took Locke over but he still is able to have Locke's memories and how he felt.

Second, maybe when you die on the island, in your alt reality you start to have memories of yourself on the island and the longer you've been dead on the island the more the memories start to come back? Charlie being on the plane looking at Jack as he was being arrested and Charlie saying he was supposed to die might indicate this. Also, Charlotte seemed to be looking for something from Sawyer. Boone's conversation with Locke on the plane could also indicate that he remembers the island and might explain why Shannon was not there--not wanting to believe what she remembers.
Third, maybe, The Constant, when Desmond was flashing back and forth on the freighter, that was the point when his on island and alt reality became one in the sense that he has total recollection in alt and island realities. Maybe the Desmond we saw in The Constant is the Desmond in the timeline in Season 6. he is unique because he has knowledge of the island, Season 6 alt reality and the first timeline we've been watching since season 1?
Last, I think, we will see Sun be in a life and death situation and we will see how the island and the alt are tied. We will see her consisness teeter back and forth and how the two worlds are connected.

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