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There has been a lot of speculation lately on Jacob/MIB, or Aaron/Qui Jonn, but I am turning my attentions to someone who doesn't get much focus: JAMES FORD. My theory, and keep in mind I have not seen the final episodes so I do not know how it plays out, so this is only a theory, is that he is not who he seems to be and is a con man.

When we first meet Sawyer he is the island bad boy. Later, it is revealed that he has a letter in his pocket. It is written by "Sawyer." Many have speculated that he has time traveled and written this letter about himself, that he slept with his own mother and his father shot her in shame (could he be his own father?!?!?!) but I believe that in point of fact another man named Sawyer did this and James Ford TOOK THIS NAME!!!!

His actual purpose is to find this mysterious Sawyer, (who despite the name is not actually himself...which would lead to a "No Way Out" Kevin Costner situation (spoiler alert, sorry) which incidentally featured a character Third Petty Officer James Sawyer...we need Doc Jensen to analyze a possible connection stat, as this is even above MY head!!)

My theory is that what James Ford is doing in the alt as well, that this Anthony Cooper that he is looking for is actually the Sawyer who killed his family, and that he will turn out to be...wait for it...Locke's father who Sawyer Ford ALREADY KILLED ON THE ISLAND! He cannot be dead in this sideways reality because we have seen the island already in LA X, and it is SINKEN!!!! So unless they had scuba gear when Cooper was put in a magic box for Sawyer to kill, then what happened couldn't have happened. (Although there is a 1964 novel by Ignacious Cooper entitled "Weekend in Madrid", where the main character named JAMES goes scuba diving. And the author is Cooper! Also Ignacious is a type of rock -- BLACK ROCK anyone? -- and you would have to live under one not to realize that Madrid is in Spain and that is where Richard Alpert is from. The connections are dizzying. Perhaps a further read is in order but it is in Spanish and I only know the English.)

So in summaries, on the island, Sawyer Ford will have to make a choice, whether to follow his lone wolf attitude or join with the group, but there is something darker at play: JAMES FORD IS A CON MAN!!! He is not what he seems.

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