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Won´t get fooled again by MKUltra

This is a short theory about the outcome of the last episode "Sundown".

At the end of last weeks episode, we saw the MIB-team and the foreboding shadow that goes with it grow. And the biggest twist was that Sayid our beloved Iraki version of Rambo (but with a real big heart) got "recruited" or brainwashed by Flocke.
The good old story of the magical box returned, while Flocke was lamenting about giving Sayid anthing he ever wants, even his dead wife Nadia. Sounds like zombie-season to me, but anyway...I don´t let Sayid`s soul die so easily. And I believe that Jacob has soe tricks in store.

Here´s why:

Folks don´t get fooled by the storytelling trape Darlton lay in front of you! Remember what happened to Sayid: Nadia got killed by one of Widmore´s persons I assume. Jacob touched Sayid to protect him from the car and to lead him back to the island. And why didn´t he help Nadia too? Well, for his masterplan (whatever it is and wherever it leads to) he needed a really angry Sayid. This anger led to a shot young Ben and this anger is still in him. So I think, that Jacob WANTS Sayid in Flockes team. Now Sayid seems like a drug-addict on a trip, but maybe there is still something good in him, that will damage the triumphant path of MIB. Although I think, that the Sayid we know is gone, maybe he will turn out to be some sort of Gollum in this story.

Thanks for reading.

P.S.: Maybe I´m horribly wrong, but there are still a lot of people, who haven´t given up on John Locke either. So why should we give up on Sayid this easily.

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