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Nostradomus mirror by LLHkitty

My theory includes MIB being a possible genie who is trapped in the bottle which is the island. He was trapped by Jacob by a trick. Ever since he has been trying to find a way to leave the island. The light house mirror is like the mirror of Nostradomus and can reveal the future. The MIB asked 2 questions 1. How do I get off the island? Answer; Jacob must die. 2. How do I kill Jacob? answer was he must be killed by someone other than himself. With only this information he created a very complex plan to have Jacob killed.

On another possiblity, if MIB is not able to grant wishes I feel the Island has this capability.

The point Jacob is trying to prove to MIB is that absolute power does not always corrupt. The candidates who Jacob brings to the island are given absolute power and eventually become corrupt. The leaders of the others we have seen did eventually become corrupt.

Ultimately, the MIB needs someone to wish the MIB off the island in order to finally leave. To erase any possiblllity of returning he must kill everyone on the island that is capable of wishing him back or bringing him back. Since the island is like Avalon, Narnia, Oz, Wonderland, etc... There must be a living human on the island believing it exists in order for it to exist.

Since he his a type of genie he can grant wishes that can create parallel timelines or possible futures for the person who made the wish.

We have seen that the MIB is very arrogant in his knowledge about humans and underestimates man's ability to change. Case in point his statement that Locke was so weak and confused that he could never be a threat. I feel Locke's soul is still in Locke's new body because of MIBs ability to know what Locke's thoughts were when Ben killed him. In the end Locke will emerge, battle MIB. and vanquish him.

Jacob used the mirror and asked the question "How do I keep the genie or MIB on the island? Jacob must die. Jacob continued asking the right questions until he was able to create a counterplan and willingly died for the Island.

I think we are looking at a resurrection when the sunrises because of the clues given by Keamy. There was sliced Lamb on the work table and the emphisis on eggs, both symbols of christ's resurrection. Jacob will come back briefly, first showing himself to Sun, Kate, Allana, and Miles. This parallels the Christ story.

This sunrise resurrection is the reason why the MIB gave everyone until sundown to decided who they would believe in and follow.

When all the players assemble, including whoever is coming, the battle for the island will commence. The MIB will stay in his smoke form forever or be vanquished, and Locke will get his body back. Anyone left who wants to leave the island will be free to go, but we will be left with the players for the islands future. Obviously they will be happy and balanced people who will have a wonderful future on this magical island and that future is yet to be written.

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