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Many have made refrence to perhaps one side is light and one side is dark. Some have made reference to it being literal in mannerisms, traits, even clothing. Then some have questioned if the reference is actually opposite of the nature.

Here is a thought...

A simple rule to the game is that Jacob can only influence people on the outside world (light) while MIB can only influence people on the island (dark). Jacob can bring whomever he likes but MIB gets to manipulate them once they are there. Many have talked about it being like a chess game, tic-tac-toe, etc. And every time it ends the same. Everything between is only progress. In games you "can't cheat"- however if you find a way around a rule where you don't actually break the rule but circumvent the rule then it is fair game.

All the Others that come to the island think they are working on Jacobs side because he brought them there. However, when they get there they are actually controlled by MIB under the disquise of Jacob. Everyone has seen dead people and many of them have been proven (or at least theorized to be MIB). A great example is Yemi and then MIB kills Ecko because he can't turn him. Ben saw his mother (also MIB) and has been taking orders from MIB under the impression it was Jacob all along. It is not until he kills Jacob that he realizes he was working on the wrong side. He asked Jacob why he never came to him- what is about me is what I believe he said. Actually it's because of the rules Jacob can't interact with them on the island. That's why Ben was so suprised in the cabin when Locke heard "help me" eventhough Ben thought he was putting on a show for Locke. He was suprised himself. It wasn't Jacob it was Locke...

MIB can't influence people outside the island. Or can he? His loop hole was to get Locke and the rest of the Oceanic 6 to leave. He also had Ben leave knowing that Ben would kill Locke in order to get back. He was able to control fate of people on the outside. Hence the "help me" from the cabin. This reinvigerated Locke, along with seeing Walt, to believe in "Jacob".

What is Jacobs loop hole? He found out that he can control people and fate on the island....as long as he was dead. That is why he is now able to interact with Hurley.

Richard is interesting. To fully know his intentions we need to see his backstory. Although we know that he saved Ben and helped Ben with MIBs orders with the Losties. So he could be a double agent as some have mentioned. This also makes sense why Juliet was marked and kicked out of the Others and why smoke monster showed a flash of light for her. She was kicked out of the dark side because she went against what MIB wanted. So, she was always going to be on the side of Jacob even though she never really knew it, or what it implied.

Richard did know that Jacob was in the foot of the statue. Perhaps he was turned because he wants to go back to a normal life and MIB told him he would give him that. Although, when MIB/Flocke sees Richard for the first time he chokes him and takes him out to the jungle. So I'm going to venture a guess that Richard, too, did not know he was being influenced by MIB. Although I do believe they have a long history together too and that's why MIB was angry with him when he first saw him. Perhaps Richard is why MIB was "trapped".

What do you think?

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