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This is based on a lot of speculation and a few accepted theories. I'll try to keep it brief.

There is a game being played behind the scenes of LOST. One of the many end-games is for Jacob to prove MIB wrong. And visa-versa. To do so, both of them have come up with the most detailed and intricate plans. Plans that span many many years.

Part of MIB's plan is to leave the island first involved acquiring a body, and that body was Locke's. This came to happen because Richard told Locke that in order to save the island, he must die. Later on we learned this order came from MIB. Locke turns the wheel, time passes, Locke dies. His body is then flown on the Ajira flight to the island where the spirit of MIB waits, the plane sort of crash lands, MIB gets his body.

This idea of bodies being transported to the island and sort of "coming back to life, but not really" was show to us in the series premiere with Christian Shepard. His body was flown on flight 815, crashes, his body is discovered missing, and we have plenty of appearances of Christian to the Losties. There have been a few theories lately pointing to the idea that Christian has been on the island before, there also have been some theories stating that Christian's appearances weren't a manifestation of neither MIB or Jacob, that he is either a 3rd entity, be it MIB's mother, someone else, or even Christian himself.

Now we all know that Jacob has a plan, most likely up until the end of the show. Jacob died and it seemed as if his way of controlling the situation is now flawed because he has to run everything through Hurley. Jumping to the scenes involving the lighthouse, Jacob told Hurley to turn the light house to 108 degrees. The name on that dial is Wallace. Jack ends up breaking the mirrors. Jacob tells Hurley that it was ok because he'll (Wallace) find the island another way. Then, Widmore pops into the mix on the island. So logically we could say Widmore is Wallace. And may as well could be is real last name.

Jacob now has his ace up his sleeve, Widmore. Here comes the speculation... In the promo for next weeks episode, you can hear Widmore's voice say to...maybe Desmond?, "You have a sacrifice to make....The island isn't done with you yet." Not sure if that was exactly correct. That got me thinking, how could Widmore know so much about the island when he's been voted off? Then I thought, if Widmore is pro-Jacob, and is involved in his intricate plan, could Widmore being banished from the Others, also be part of the plan? When Widmore was being escorted to the sub he has a little grin on his face. Did Jacob give the same orders to Widmore that MIB gave to Locke, that in order to save the island you must first die?

I am theorizing that Widmore dies off-island or maybe in the ALT, his body is then transported via sub to the island, when it entered into the radius of the island's energy, Jacob got his body (the scene with Widmore on the sub saying "proceed as planned" could shoot a hole in this..but I'll keep going).

Think about it. There are some interesting ways Widmore was acting on the sub and during the beach conversation with MIB. One point that Jacob likes to make is that "nobody comes in unless invited." This was said to Ricardo by Jacob, and then relayed by Richard multiple times. Interestingly enough Widmore was in an office by himself in the sub when Sawyer was brought to him. When they got to the door, they knocked, and Widmore INVITED them in. The start of the scene of the conversation with Widmore started with a failed handshake and ended with a handshake focusing on TOUCH. Widmore asked both Sawyer and MIB/Locke, "Do you know who I am" both replied "Charles Widmore." Widmore replies with his grin. It seemed to me that Widmore could have been testing first Sawyer, who probably wouldn't recognize Jacob. Then he tested MIB who having lived with him for hundreds if not thousands of years could probably recognize if it was really Jacob.

Could there be another rule that if you die, the only way to come back is to take a body, have someone kill their counterpart/enemy, in this case MIB? Then boom, you're back in real life but in a different body?

I don't know how much this sticks, but it got me thinking and wanted to tell it.

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