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Divine Retrobution in a Bottle by ProgLOSTicator

I'm not sure if anyone has tried this yet but it was swimming around in the temple pool that is my brain so I thought I would exercise it into the ether. Not saying I believe this is what is happening but it's just a guess and the parallels are obvious...Here goes.

What about God. Where does he fit into all of this Good vs. Evil business? Well what if he's the other player in the game.

So this all has to have something to do with the end of the world. Lets start from there.

Most of us have some knowledge of the Book of Revelations. We know that seals are broken and wrath is unleashed. Well some people might not know that viles are also opened and their contents poured out on the earth. Sound familiar? Wine anyone?

That's what I think the black smoke may be, quite literally the Wrath of God. In Revelations an angel or heavenly being uncorks the vile in order to dump out the wrath. But he is told by God to stay his hand until the appointed hour. This stayed hand is Jacob. The island is his cork. He is the one appointed to hold back the Wrath until the appointed time.

In the mean time Jacob decides to try and sway God in favor of Man. He makes a deal that if he can prove that enough human's are worthy, God will call off the wrath. Sort of like Abraham and the story of Lot. He starts making progress in a real way but time begins to grow shorter and shorter. It's almost too late. In the last 108 minutes before midnight of man's existence, just before the time is set for the unleashing, he finds a way to reset time every 108 minutes (except to him it's actually 108 days). He is staving off the destruction, until he can convince God that humanity is worthy and reverse the decision to wipe them out. The 108 minutes was originally reset by the Frozen Donkey Wheel but later Jacob brought in a backup system through the Dharma Initiative and the hatch. Both are viable ways to reset time on the island. That is why the island seems to disappear or "move" from a distance. It's moving back in time 108 days.

MIB wants only to go home. Not merely off the island, but home. He wants to go back to heaven. He hates the thought that his whole existence, that everything he is about could have been for nothing. He has no purpose if God calls off his wrath. He can't let that happen. He thinks that by killing his prison guard that he will be free to complete his mission and go home.

Interesting thing is that he thinks that he's not allowed to kill Jacob but that it's possible, but he'll do it anyway. What he doesn't realize is that it is impossible. Remember when Flock was chasing the ghost kid in the jungle? When the kids says "You know the rules you can't kill him." To which Flocke replies "Don't tell me what I can't do!" Sounds like something someone says when they are told they are unable to do something not that they're not allowed to do something. Just like Locke when people told him he couldn't do something, Flocke knows the kid is right, deep down and it angers him. He knows he is unable to kill his guardian but he has to try.

All in all he knows Jacob is not really dead and that he only killed the human body he was residing in for the time. He knows that if Jacob finds a new body before he can get off the island, he will be back to square one. So where can Jacob get a new body? Hmmmmm more on that in another theory at another time.

That's it. Let the melee begin.

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