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Fire + Water by James

This isn't really a theory that covers the entire show, but more a general theory as to a plot element of the show that may happen.

But first, let's establish something.

Jacob wasn't killed by Ben. He was killed by the fire. Fire symbolism has been not only present in Jacob's physical death, but in his metaphorical death later on. They burnt Jacob's cabin after discovering he wasn't there, which I believe was a continuation of the symbol of fire to represent Jacob (and his death).

Now, why is this relevant?

I believe MIB's death will result somehow from water. In The Substitute, Sawyer asks him why he can't just fly off the island. And the fact that he can't even touch water is extremely important. Water has been an important symbol as well throughout this series, to symbolize rebirth or a renewal. (Claire's baptism in season two). There is even and episode, which this theory is obviously named after, called Fire + Water. I think that it was a clue for the general theme of the show. Fire and water. White and black. Light and darkness. Flame emits light. Under the water is darkness.

I don't usually make theories but I just wanted to share some of my thoughts and insights as to the symbols of the show and what it may mean in the future. Feel free to criticize this or add your own thoughts because I'm genuinely curious to hear some.



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