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That locked room on the sub has been bothering me. What could possibly be in it that requires it to be locked? Then it dawned on me.
Jacob gave instructions to Hurley to turn the dial to 108 on the lighthouse. Why? Because he needs to help someone find the island.


What if Widmore figured it out and got to Wallace first? Who is Wallace? Is Wallace the person who can replace Jacob? No. All the final candidates are present and accounted for. So who is Wallace?

Wallace could be the person needed to kill, or contain, MIB. Remember we keep thinking someone needs to kill him, but containment is still an option... afterall the island is a cork.
It's clear our candidates have no idea what they are doing. Richard knows something, but doesn't realize what that is to react upon.

Many people think Widmore is the bad guy. I think Widmore is just angry at Ben, and wants to be the Leader again. He wanted to find the island. Once he did, he had it in his means to recruit a large army to take it over... if he wanted "the island". But he didn't, he just wanted Ben out of the picture.

"Once you leave you can never return." I think that was just said because once you leave, you cannot "find" the island again. I don't think it's part of the rules.

Widmore knows more than he leads on. I think he knew of Desmonds future and that is why he didn't want him to marry Penny. He was protecting Penny from all of this. He called Desmond a coward. But we really haven't seen anything cowardice about Desmond. Is there something coming that he will turn tail and run?

Whatever is in the locked room has to be something that can be killed... the guard watching it reached for his gun when Sawyer touched the locks. I think if it was a "Smokey" or a candidate then Widmore would know, guns don't work on it.

Widmore holds the key, not only to that room, but to much of the islands mystery... I just hope he doesn't die before revealing it like all the other characters in the know.

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