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Ilana's Role by Stupot

We've seen many times now that Jacob sent Ilana to the Island to 'protect' the candidates, but what does this mean? And why 'her'?

I think she has a gift, a gift protect people, not in a physical sense, but in mental sense, from The Dark Man. MIB has a way of manipulating people, and she has the ability to stop people from flling for his words, which is why those people around her (Sun, Hurley, Jack) are safe, as long as they are with Illana. Whereas Claire, Sayid (and Kate, soon too, if she's not careful) have succumbed to the Dark man's will.

We actually saw this when MIB unlocked Ben's chains and promised him the Island as long as he joined team Flocke. Ben was on his way to join them, until Ilana said "I'll have you", and all of a sudden, the spell was broken.

That's what I think Illan's role is. To break (or to defend people from) MIB's manipulation. As Jacob said in Ab Aeterno, he's not allowed to directly intervene, so what if he gave Illana such a gift that would allow 'her' to intervene.

Richard was given a similar job 150 years ago, to try to make sure people weren't manipulated by MIB, but back then there were probably over 100 candidates. However, in recent days there are only 6 or so candidates left and MIB has become more serious. Richard has become useless, because despite having eternal life, he's still just a man and is not strong enough against MIB.

So Jacob needed a NEW sidekick. Illana, and instead of eternal life, he has given her the gift of being able to resist the Dark Man's promises, and to defend the other candidates from his will.

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