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MiB did to Locke what Jacob did to him by Dave

So I think I came up with an interesting theory this week. I don't think I've seen anyone hit on it yet. I'm not really sure where this exactly goes, but I think there's something to it.

Ok, so MiB tells Alpert that Jacob "took my body and my humanity" or something like that, right? Didn't he essentially do the same thing to Locke? So I think there's more to it. Did MiB seal his own fate and now Flocke is forced to either become the new Jacob because he did what he claimed Jacob did to him? Then the real Locke will somehow be reincarnated as someone else, and be the new MiB? Maybe Jacob really is evil and MiB is really good (although everything points to the contrary), and it's just a cycle where the 'Jacob' gets killed but then his nemisis becomes the new Jacob. Remember, the title of the show was originally going to be Circle.

So this could really lead to the self-realization and growth that that is such a main focus of the show. Flocke will somehow learn the error of his ways, realize what a special place the island is and choose to protect it instead of leave it. This would also involve the aspect of choice that is the other main point of the show. I'm not sure how the real Locke would come back and who he could be reincarnated as (I would guess Jack or Sawyer, but could be any number of people). Flocke said that Locke was scared when Ben killed him, I would guess that fear could easily turn to anger and he would like to get his revenge on Flocke for using him as a pawn in his end game. I'm sure like most theories it could get blown out of the water with this week's episode, but that's the fun in watching the show, right?

Either I'm on to something, or the show is officially driving me crazy.

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