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The Why Walt was Wet Theory by Jellybean

Fivestades made a great point on my last theory, the Parallel Plug theory, about Walt appearing wet and talking backwards and asking how this would relate to the plug between alternate universes.

I believe the water which appears symbolic whenever a major occurance happens on Lost is passing through to the other universe when a gap or break appears between universes, possibly because, as Jacob said the island acts as a cork. It is literally a symbol of the leak between universes. I believe the 'exotic matter' found on the island is the matter and energy of the alternate universe which leaks through.

E = mc2, energy cannot be created or destroyed. It must either exist as a mass (for example coal) or as free flowing energy (such as electricity). Therefore energy which leaks through from the alternate universe either takes the form of matter or energy such as visions and powers to the losties because it is energy which has no place in this universe, it must take some form or be conducted through a conduit.

I'm more interested in the science than the faith but if anyone is interested in asking my ideas on anything else to do with Lost, drop me a good point on the comments and I will try to find the time to reply wih some ideas. Comments are appreciated, I'm interested in sharing good ideas.

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